Black Possibles Bag Handmade Rustic Leather Cross Body Hand Stitched Leather Messenger Bag Leather Satchel Bret Cali Bag Shoulder Bag
This Rustic leather crossbody bag features fine full grain Brazilian Leather and nickel rivets. This fully tanned leather is soft but sturdy. The front flap has organic contours. I over-stitch every bag I make. This bag will last a very very long time. You will be able to give this to your grandkids. "Possible bag was the name given by early nineteenth-century traders to these rectangular soft-skin bags. The term is a direct translation from the Indian word meaning 'a bag for every possible thing' I am always searching for the best leather and the leather I used to make this bag is some of the finest I have come across in a long time. This Brazilian leather was made to withstand the elements and will get even better over time. I will be making you one just like this from scratch. If you have and adjustments to size just let me know. I'll ship it 2-day Priority Mail for US orders. The beautiful hand stitched leather cross body bag features all nickel rivets. This is a very soft full grain leather. The interior is very soft and unlined. I hand cut and stitched this bag using no machines. I double stitched this bag to ensure that this bag will last a very long time. Measurements: Bag 11" Tall 10" Across 2 & 1/2 " wide The strap is 26" from the top center to the top of the bag and 1" wide. ***I made this bag completely by hand. I believe that not using machines allows me to attain the highest possible quality*** My bags sell in Boutiques around the country. I ship 2-day priority mail.