Break The Mold Wax Co.

Natural & Scented 100% Soy Wax Melts

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Greensboro, NC
Owned By
Julie Branton
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Love wax melts?! Looking for a 100% natural Soy wax product? Look no further than Break The Mold Wax Co. Our concern for you as a customer is a priority. We understand the value of offering a quality product and having it delivered right to your front door! That is why with us you will receive excellent customer service and a one of a kind product! Break The Mold Wax Company's mission is to provide scented natural soy wax melts in a manageable and convenient form. With us you won't have to worry about breaking the wax melts out of a container, because we will have already done that for you! Our wax melts come in individual cubes, ready to be melted one by one. You won't be disappointed. These wax melts have a strong enough fragrance to fill an entire room, just as desired.