Elvis and Priscilla Decoupage Lighted Wine Bottle  - Elvis Presley Luminary - Anniversary Gift
Glass wine bottle repurposed into a fun work of art! Gorgeous, lighted upcycled bottle celebrating the love of Elvis and his bride Priscilla. Newspaper photograph carefully cut and decoupaged onto the front of the bottle, underneath the photo is light, retro-inspired brushes of pink and silver sparkle. A cork is intact, and removable, with the yellow color wire lights illuminating a soft glow through the bottle. Battery pack is lightly wrapped under simple jute twine, for ease of access in changing batteries when necessary. This bottle is lovely light or without lights, and makes an awesome anniversary or lovers gift! Use as is as a perfect statement piece for your decor, or remove cork to use as a simple flower vase. A lovely piece that incorporates famous portraits with upcycled art! Show your love for the King of Rock n Roll in a whimsical, yet classy way! All glass items are packaged carefully with reused and reusable materials to insure a safe and earth-friendly trip from my home to yours!