Brass, Rainbows, Nature

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Huntsville, AL
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Rhiannon Bacon
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Hi there, my name is Rhiannon and I’m a fiber artist native to Huntsville, Alabama. I create fiber art wearables, jewelry, and knick-knacks in a mixture of bohemian and Victorian designs. Steampunkery for a unique lifestyle: I love the brass that the steampunk movement made popular, along with Victorian designs. When I’m not knitting I’m working with wire and beads making original jewelry. Squishy things to sooth your inner bohemian: There’s always room for more cuteness and more squishy. I design little shelf octopuses I call Octobabies. #ReleaseTheKraken Bioluminescent creatures from the natural world: I consider myself a Victorian style naturalist. I’m keen to observe the natural world and experience the wonders it contains. I create fiber art species of squid, octopuses, jellyfish, mushrooms, and more. I’m also in love with recreating the natural glow of bioluminescence through black light reactive yarns. Living large by shopping small: Lastly, nearly all of my materials come from local shops and indie yarn dyers. I get to work with the best fibers and equipment, and I get to support individuals. When you buy from me, you not only support my art, but all those craftsmen whom I buy from. I love taking custom orders. What can I make for you?