Savannah - 1950s Reworked Vintage Short Brocade Wedding Dress/ White & Purple/ Two Tier Ruffled Skirt/ Sleeves/One of a Kind
Measurements: - Bust: 36 inches or 91.4 cm - Waist: 28 inches or 71.1 cm - Hips: Free - Skirt Length from Waist, Front: 23 inches or 58.4 cm - Skirt Length from Waist, Back: 27.5 inches or 69.8 cm Features: - True 1950s wedding dress, redesigned! - Several purple trims -Two-tier skirt, second is graduated - Floral embroidery and floral silk (faux) brocade - Elbow-length sleeves and button-up back! This was a simple, long sleeved 1950s wedding gown with a plain A-line skirt. The sleeves were shortened and the waist expanded by almost three inches. Two ruffled tiers of skirt were made, the lower one graduates to be slightly lower in the back. The skirt has three colors of purple trim: a deep violet and a pale lilac, connected by a deeper lilac. On the top tier, the deep purple trim wraps from the center back around the right side to the left front side. The top tier is completed with the deeper lilac and each end of the trim is connected by about six inches of purple floral embroidery. The second tier features the same deep lilac from the back right side to the side right seam. The rest of the bottom tier has a scalloped pale lilac lace trim, once again connected by purple floral embroidery. Many pieces of the trim and embroidery are hand sewn onto the brocade. The deep purple trim and pale lilac combine at the waistline with a brocade piping at the waist, and a large section of floral pale embroidery in the front. The back buttons all the way up from the waist, and the skirt closes with two snaps. Additional Measurements Available Upon Request! Photo Courtesy of Justine Johnson Photography!