Raw Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace, Aquamarine Pendant, March Birthstone Jewelry, Raw Aquamarine Crystal Pendant
Raw Aquamarine Gemstone Necklace DETAILS Raw Aquamarine Pendant Pendant size 0.5in x 0.25in 18” Delicate Embossed Cable Chain Antique Copper finish AQUAMARINE March Birthstone The Stone of Courage and Protection. Organic, natural style handmade crystal pendant. Due to the nature of raw stone rings and individual pieces are made by hand, each piece will be slightly different and therefore unique. Blackbird & Sage creates handcrafted crystal and gemstone copper jewelery for the modern bohemian. Gemstones are always hand selected and our designs include raw gemstones, raw crystals and classic cut high quality cabochon stones. We believe in simple, local and purposeful craftsmanship, which we hope is reflected in our pieces. At Blackbird & Sage, we want to give you the ability to wear something that has a personal story, built from love and has a unique and special meaning to you. As we work with raw and rough stones please expect that your piece will vary slightly in shape and color from those shown in the photograph. Your stone will not vary in quality from that shown, so rest assured your piece will be truly unique and beautiful.