Stuffed D6
This 6 sided stuffed die is handmade. This die is surface washable and may be washed in the washing machine as you would a stuffed animal but will lose some of the stiffness in the sides of the die if it is. Some picture may not represent this product but be only for fabric/color reference. Please pay attention to the quantities below to see if what you are looking for is available. If you have questions about availability please contact me.The following is a list of colors/patterns/fabrics currently is stock: Gold Textured Lamé 1 Red Blizzard Flannel 3 Blue Blizzard Flannel 1 Peach Flannel 6 Green Satin 1 Purple Color Shift (shifts trough read and blue) Polyester 1 Light Pink Satin 1 Light Blue Flannel 2 Sparkly Cream Cotton/Poly 1 Yellow Flannel 3 Dusty Purple/Gray Silk 1 Red Flannel 1 Tiger Stripe Cotton/Poly 7 Purple Satin with Gold Numbers 1 Purple Ultrasuede 2 Grey Ultrasuede 1 Purple Linen-like Cotton\Poly With Gold Numbers 4 Purple Linen-like Cotton\Poly With Blue Numbers 2 Orange/Yellow/Purple Pattern Cotton/Poly 1 Blue/Green/Purple Pattern Cotton/Poly 3 Purple Abstract Pattern Cotton/Poly 1 Yellow Abstract Pattern Polyester 1 Purple Satin with Purple Number 2 Grey/Black Abstract Pattern Cotton/Poly 1 Maroon/Orange/Yellow Pattern Cotton/Poly 1