Stuffed D4
This 4 sided stuffed die is handmade. This die is surface washable and may be washed in the washing machine as you would a stuffed animal but will lose some of the stiffness in the sides of the die if it is. Please pay attention to the quantities below to see if what you are looking for is available. If you have questions about availability please contact me.The following is a list of colors/patterns/fabrics currently is stock: Purple Textured Polyester 1 Purple Blizzard Flannel 1 Teal/Brown Pattern Polyester 1 Peach Flannel 1 Green Satin 1 Purple Color Shift (shifts trough read and blue) Polyester 2 Light Pink Satin 1 Dusty Purple/Gray Silk 2 Dusty Green Silk 1 Bright Pink Satin 1 Purple Ultrasuede 1