Beyond Divine

Handmade All Natural Body Care Products Made In America!

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Oklahoma City, OK
Owned By
Robert Christensen
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The story behind "Beyond Divine", It was back before the Holidays one year when Rickey Terrell and I (Robert Christensen) had an unexpected visit from one of our best friends (Deb Wheeler-Oleary). She arrived on our doorstep baring gifts from her hometown of Pontotoc, Mississippi. She brought us homemade Muscadine Jelly and handmade Muscadine Goat's Milk Soap that she had purchased from a farm down the road from where her family lives there in Pontotoc. A few days after Deb left to go home we began using the soap. After about a week I mentioned to Rick that I thought we should start making soap! Low and behold, Rick had been thinking the same thing. Over the next few weeks we began an extensive research project on soap making, the benefits of natural products in soap making and developing recipes to promote healthy skin. Upon making our very first batch of soap, Green Tea & Ginger, we posted pictures of it on our Facebook pages. Our first endeavor garnered lots of comments and likes! We told everyone that we were just enjoying making the soaps and that we would be giving some out for the Holidays! At least that was our intent at that point. When our Soaps were done curing, we took some bars to our Real Estate Office. Rick and I were only able to give a few bars of soap away before co-workers in our office started fighting over who was going to purchase the soaps we had in stock as gifts for their family and friends! Thank goodness we saved two bars as a gift for our friends Jeannette Draper and Chris Fine, as those two bars are where our business materialized. After Jeannette and Chris had used our soaps for a few days, Jeannette started asking all sorts of questions and at that time said that she and Chris would like to go into business with us. We invited Jeannette and Chris to our house to show them how to make our soaps and also made our very first Bath Bombs! Jeannette at that time decided that her and Chris would be the ones to make the Bath Bombs. We all four started to think and talk about our Business name. For a couple of weeks we were throwing around many different names but we couldn't all decide on any certain name! One day I just blurted out the name "Beyond Divine". We all stared at each other in amazement and all at once we all four said at the same time that "Beyond Divine" will be our new Business Name! From that day forward we all continued making New recipes for different All Natural Cleaning and Body Care Products! We have all come up with different things that each one of us would do to make this business endeavor of ours work. This is the Story of how "Beyond Divine" came to be!
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