Family Jigsaw Puzzle Christmas Cracker - Set of Four Crackers
Christmas crackers (sometimes called poppers) are a tradition from England that many American families have come to love. Set a beautiful table with a cracker at each place setting, add to each stocking, or give as a gift. Tug on the ends and the cracker opens with a POP revealing lots of little surprises inside. Crackers always have a paper crown, a joke, and a prize (in this case, the prize is a share of puzzle pieces). Our crackers are a step above, as our prizes are made or chosen with sustainability in mind. And we always add a delicious Seattle Chocolate truffle, for an extra treat. Our Family Jigsaw Puzzle crackers include six pieces of a jigsaw puzzle inside each cracker. One set of four puzzles includes all the pieces to one jigsaw puzzle, so everyone has a piece of the puzzle. Together you can build the puzzle. Appropriate for all ages (except very small children, who might be too young for puzzles as the pieces could pose a choking hazard for babies and toddlers.) Whether you're new to the cracker tradition or have had them for years, you'll find our crackers always pop nicely, and are always a lovely addition to the table, with lots of styles to choose from. Always a great conversation starter. Add an extra bit of happiness with crackers for the holidays! Four crackers per order. Available with vegan options.