Beloved Buddy Memory Quilts

A memorial as UNIQUE and VIBRANT as your beloved buddy.

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Saint Paul, MN
Owned By
Amy Marotz
Store Details
Welcome! We are an Aftcra shop offering custom Pet Memorial (and Celebration) Quilts. Take some time to poke around and explore. Visit me on Facebook (Beloved Buddy Memory Quilts) for even more photos and details! Thanks! I started my shop after working through the loss of my wonderful basset hound (Copper). She was my best friend, and as I stared at the cupboard full of her bandannas, toys and collars, I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. I taught myself to quilt by taking pieces of her mementos and working them into applique squares. It was an extremely emotional and cathartic project, and it ended up as a tactile memory I could display on my wall. I think of myself not only as an artist, but an impromptu grief counselor. The loss of a pet can be absolutely devastating, and I want to do what I can to help my clients work through their loss in a positive and meaningful way.