Beehive Alchemy

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Milwaukee, WI
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Petra Ahnert
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~I like to walk the line between the creative and the analytical. ~I am in awe of bees and what gifts they provide for us. ~There are many things to be learned from them.... I started down the path of what is now Beehive Alchemy about sixteen years ago when my friend Laurie called to ask if I wanted to learn to make soap. After making enough soap to last an army a lifetime, I stopped. Fast forward to 8 years ago. My boyfriend found my handmade soaps (nicely aged by this time) right about the same time he found beekeeping. The last 8 years have been a wild and exciting ride! We now sell our natural honeys and honey infusions as well as my soaps and other product at farmers markets in our area and on-line. For the most part I try to utilize our bee products in my body care products (where it makes sense). I try to have something for everyone. While I like to use silk, goatsmilk, honey and essential oils in my soaps and body care products, I try to offer vegan and unscented options as well.