Beach Way Sweet Shop

Unique Handmade Confections

Located In
Harwich, MA
Owned By
Nicole Porter
Store Details
Beach Way Sweet Shop loves to take traditional sweet and savory foods and combine them in unique ways. These combinations create fun and different flavors. You will certainly be remembered if you give one of our products as a gift! Perfect for just about any occasion. Buy something for yourself and you won't regret it. We use only very high quality coverture chocolate that must be tempered before use, no compound melting chocolate here. We use the best, all natural ingredients in each of our confections. They are all made by hand as they are ordered, so they are super fresh and can be customized to your (or your friend's) liking! My goal is to provide you with high quality, handmade products, and friendly prompt customer service, I am a big supporter of shopping small. I try to support small business with this shop and in my personal life. I love to see small businesses thrive!