Mini Bar Wall Mounted Fold Out, Perfect for the Small Space, Man Cave, Pool Room
Maybe you are like me, love a good bourbon or other drink, but you do not have room for a bar in your house, or maybe you have the bar, but are looking for a secondary location, like the billiard room, sunroom, bedroom, or hey bathroom, I won't judge. If any of the above are the case then this Wall Mounted Mini Bar is the perfect choice for you. I thought this design through for the maximum punch in a small package. First lets start with the mounting hardware, its not sexy, but if you can't hold this on the wall, then it just won't work. This is heavy, its solid wood, not cheap particle board. So to mount this I have preinstalled 2 6" French Cleats on the back. I will also include two french cleats for you to mount on your wall, I recommend you find a stud in the wall to attach them to. Second there is the front panel. There is a convenient bottle opener installed, for your regular and frequent use. This panel/door is held to the case with two strong magnetic latches. When you open the door, it folds back on itself to form a strong shelf and extend the space of your mini bar, it is held in place with a hook and chain which attach to the bottle opener. When the chain is not in use it attaches to a magnetic catch below the middle shelf. There are three shelves for your use. The first shelf is for the good stuff, it can hold 3 - 4 bottles depending on the size. It can accommodate up to a 13" tall bottle, which will handle most of them. The second shelf is perfect for rocks glasses, glencairn glasses or any other glasses less than 4.75" tall. Finally there is the top shelf, shot glasses fit in here nicely and has 2.75" of space. All the wood is high quality pine, finished with a torch for a burned rustic look, then it is coated with a high grade protective polyurethane finish, finally I apply two coats of wood finishing paste for a good texture and just a bit more protection. The hardware is black and bronze. This is so beautiful and would look great in many homes. Buy it before I keep it. Local pickup / delivery within 25 miles of 21030 is also available for free. Dimensions Total Outside Dimensions: 23.5" Tall x 16" Wide x 6.5" Deep, Front Door Extends to 24" Total Interior Dimensions: 21.75" Tall x 14.5" Wide x 5.25" Deep Bottom Shelf Opening: 13" Tall x 14.5" Wide x 5.25" Deep Middle Shelf Opening: 4.75" Tall x 14.5" Wide x Deep Top Shelf Opening: 2.75" Tall x 14.5" Wide x Deep Total Weight 13 Lbs Made In USA, Made In America