Gift Box for a Guy, Safety Razor, Bottle Openers, and Coasters, Bearded Mans Gift
I have put together some of my favorite items that I offer by themselves into this gift box for a guy, or someone else who loves, beer, whiskey, and opening bottles. I have packaged them in a used wooden cigar box, some wear shows, and left some room for you to include a card, chocolate, mini liquor bottle, or something else. So this box is for the bearded man. It starts with a Safety Razor made from an upcycled Jack Daniels Mini Liquor Bottle, which has been filled with tinted resin to make it look like it is still full of whiskey. The Mini's are filled with a solid resin that has been tinted amber or left clear for an authentic look depending on the liquor. This makes them solid and able to last. After the resin has cured, a safety razor stem is epoxied into place for strength, and then the razor head is attached. For added longevity for many uses, the finished bottles are dipped in polyurethane to protect the labels as well. Next are two wooden beard themed drink coasters, one says fear the beard, the other respect the beard, and I agree with both statements. But these are not normal coasters, each has a bottle opener built into the bottom of the coaster so you will never have to look for your opener again. The coasters are made from pine and have rounded edges and a torched finish which really gets the wood grain to pop. There is a stainless steel bottle opener recessed into the bottom of the coaster so don't worry if you forget the opener. I finish the coasters with a water resistant enamel so they are protected from spills and sweating bottles, they are not completely waterproof though, only resistant. There are small rubber feet attached to the bottom to keep them from sliding and protect your surfaces. Finally it is finished off with two ceramic tile coasters, made from upcycled Jack Daniels Punch cartons. They can handle bottles, cans, mugs, cups, cold and warm (not hot items). First the label or cardboard is laminated to the tile with outdoor Modge Podge. Next they are coated with six layers of sealer to make them highly water resistant (not waterproof). All of this is placed into a used cigar box for display, storage, or just to look cool. The items will be packed to make sure they are not damaged during shipping, and I will include tissue paper for you to use in displaying the gift. I will ship this via UPS ground within 2 business days of receiving your order. Get your loved one a special gift box, remember he does not want flowers.