Barrel Head Mini Bar Display Tray, Made from Real Rye Whiskey Barrel Staves from Sagamore Distillery
Hold Maryland History in your hand. These heads are used rye whiskey barrels from the Sagamore Distillery in Baltimore, MD. Rye was and is a wonderful cover crop, but who knew such a delicious and spicy beverage could be made from it. Well our ancestors did. The Maryland area was ideal for growing rye, which was used for many things including improving the soil. Other grains such as corn were more difficult to grow so rye it was. Rye Whiskies really fell out for a long time, but they are back and it is wonderful to have a Rye distilled back in Maryland where so many were made before. This display tray is incredible, it is a bit different from the usual flat barrel head tray, but I do different stuff, so it works for me. It would make a great display tray, a mini bar, whiskey tasting set, bourbon flight, beer tray, or whatever your imagination can imagine. The parts of the head have been taken apart and glued back together and rubber feet are attached to the bottom. The charred portions are completely sealed to make sure they don't crumble or fall apart. If you look at the barrel surface you will see the Sagamore name, and you will also see the imperfections, the stains, the character. I did nothing to sand this off as that would just be wrong. The display is approx 21.5" wide, 10.5" tall, 13.5" deep, and 1.5" thick. Finally the finish, I could have completely sealed this in polyurethane, but no, not for this piece. This Barrel Head is finished with Odie's Oil and then topped with Odie's wood butter. This combination gives the surface the perfect sheen, but still feels like wood. Odie's Oil and Butter are waterproof after they have cured, and if you ever want to refresh the finish simply apply more of the butter or oil without sanding. Take a good look at the pictures and see if this piece would be a perfect addition for your home.