Whiskey Tasting Flight Set / Unique Carrier made from solid hard maple and used whiskey staves.
I saw a huge piece of Hard Maple at my favorite provider, did not know what I has going to do with it, but knew it would be beautiful. So I bought it. I started freestyling in the shop with no plan and the final product is incredible. So I think I will make it a regular item. Let me describe this to you. Let's start with the base, it is approx. 6.25" x 6.25" x 2" thick, made from Hard Maple. The top edge is finished with a very distinct round over and the bottom edge is eased slightly. There are 4 insets bored into the surface which are 2" in diameter. The bottom has rubber non slip feet attached. Next is the handle. The handle is made from a used barrel stave piece, which came from the Sagamore Distillery in Baltimore. The edges are eased so it feels good in the hand and the charred portion is sealed in resin. I connected the handle to the base with an antique auger style drill bit which is secured in place with epoxy. The whole thing is stained red mahogany and then finished up with Odie's Oil so that it is water resistant, almost waterproof but still feels like wood. This is designed to accommodate 4 Glencairn glasses, but you could use others if you wish. The total height of this is approx 8.5" and the clearance between handle and base is approx. 4.5". I am making these to order so I can do some requests, if you want it darker or lighter let me know. Thanks for looking and as always cheers. Made in America.