Bottle Openers Wall Mounted with Beer Advertising Skin on Solid Wood, with Magnetic Cap Catch
Sometimes I decide to work on some items in my shop that are a bit different and unique. I recently came across a collection of old beer advertisements. I could of course have put them in picture frames, I could have put them in the recycling, but my mind said make bottle openers out of them. These are not your standard bottle openers and they jump off the wall and say talk about me. If you are looking for the unique item for your home bar or your man cave these would certainly add the pop you are looking for. I laminated the ads onto solid pine and then coated them with enough coats of enamel to make sure they will hold up to the use of opening many bottles. There is a rare earth magnet inset from the back of the opener that will catch your caps as they fall from the opener, see how many you can collect before they overwhelm the magnet. On the back is a T-Slot to make mounting to a wall a simple proposition. If you need some mounting hardware just let me know what kind of wall it is and I will include some stuff at no additional cost. I have several available right now. -Corona -Michelob Light -Budweiser Opener Dimensions 9.5" x 5.5" x 3/4" The Heineken Name and advertising are the property of Heineken and are not associated with my product in any way, I simply recycled an add into a wonderful home bar accessory. Made In USA, Made In America