Led Lighted Whiskey / Bourbon Solid Ash Display
I am always one to look for new and creative ways to display my varying collection of bourbons and whiskeys. The amber color of the liquid and the incredible shapes of the bottles have always captivated my attention. I decided to start experimenting with various ways to show them off. I came up with various trays made from live edge wood incorporating an LED light to really make the bottle pop. This particular items are made from beautiful pieces of Ash. There are two finishes, one a brown and the other a reddish cognac stain. Set into the wood is a small LED puck light that will impart an incredible glow to the liquid and the bottle, truly a unique way to show off your collection. The cord length is 11' long so you can put this where you like and it has a toggle switch control. I will be listing several other trays that will be lit in a similar fashion, these are one of a kind, so this board and this shape, with this color when sold is gone. Tray Dimensions: 5.5" Long x 4.5" Wide x 1" Thick. Bourbon is not included in the listing (Sorry my personal collection) Made In USA, Made In America