Payment Policy

PayPal and all major credit and debit cards are happily accepted. If an order is placed but no payment is made, the order will be cancelled after 7 days of no contact and non-payment unless other arrangements have been made.

Shipping Policy

All domestic orders are shipped by default via USPS First Class, and usually arrive within 3 business days. Although orders may take up to 2 weeks to complete, most orders ship within 2-4 business days. If the item is deemed "lost, no refunds will be issued until 4 weeks have passed and we have confirmed the package as missing with USPS. International orders are shipped via USPS Priority International Mail. Transit time depends on where you are located, but can take up to 4-6 weeks. No refunds will be issued until 6 weeks has passed and we have confirmed the package missing with USPS. I am not responsible for the slow delivery of a package, and as such I will not give a refund or replacement until an appropriate and reasonable amount of time has passed to declare a package missing.

Refund & Exchange Policy

The quality and condition, weight, and quantity of items in an order are all checked three times and documented before the item(s) ship. If anything does not meet our high standards of quality, nothing will be shipped until it does. These documentations are filed with my copy of the order forms, as well as with USPS when shipped. This information exists to ensure the highest standards and quality, as well as to ensure honesty between all parties in the case of a problem. If there is a problem, although I don't do refunds since these are custom made items, please contact me. I always do my best to resolve any discrepancies or issues. AMENDMENT: Theft, extortion, and other dishonest or illegal actions will not be tolerated. As much as we strive to make the customer happy, our 1st and 3rd party extensive documentation of each order exists to eliminate any situations like these. Any dishonest or directly disprovable claims of insufficient quantity or "missing" shipments made by a buyer will be reported for investigation, and the buyer will receive no merchandise or refunds from our shop. This is a zero tolerance policy. Thank you all for being so loyal, and thank you all for understanding and respecting what I put into each order.

Contact Information

You can email us direct at, or contact us via phone at 541.321.0241

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