Bullet Shell Earrings
PLEASE INDICATE YOUR SELECTION WHEN ORDERING: These bullet stud earrings come in various calibers that you can choose from: - 223 Remington (Brass or Nickel) - 30 Caliber (Brass) - 357 Magnum (Brass or Nickel) - 38 Special (Brass or Nickel) - 380 Auto (Nickel) - 40 S&W (Brass or Nickel) - 44 Auto Magnum (Brass) - 44 Magnum (Brass or Nickel) - 45 Auto (Brass) - 9mm Luger (Brass or Nickel) You can also get these with a gem for NO EXTRA CHARGE. Choices of color are: - Pink - Hot Pink - Amber - Red - Purple - NEW! Lemon Yellow - NEW! Emerald Green - Aqua Blue - Royal Blue - Silver - Black - Clear -------------------------------------------------------------- Do you want to know the easiest way to find out if your lady is a gun grabber or a gun lover? Either take her to the range or put the range on her. Lucky for you, we have the range all packed up to go in these all-American handcrafted earrings, ready to attach and shine right out of the 100% super green, hippie-dippie, fairy and unicorn friendly box. What that you say, Private? You don’t think it’s pretty enough? Well then add a gem for that boom boom pow and confirmed extra girl power that will leave all her lady friends in the proverbial fashion dust. Too pretty? No problem! Skip the gem and let the brass go commando for a fresh look, au naturale, good for all them baby boys and girls. But you say the lady plays rough; how does 2 tons of rough sound?! That’s right! The new and improved design makes it so the brass\surgical steel\titanium posts can’t be removed without first applying 2 TONS of force. Reminds me of the time I tried to pull my wisdom tooth out with a baby elephant. Good memories. So what’s the holdup, son?! This deal isn’t getting any prettier, but that lady of yours is. If you two break up, I call next. Hooah, Major Danger