Beautiful Blue Gemstone Necklace with Pearls-  Chalcedony Necklace
This Beautiful Blue Gemstone Necklace with Pearls features genuine Chalcedony. It is perfect for those who love the earth and the beach. Our necklace is very versatile and goes great with jeans or a dress. Blue is the color of the sky and ocean. Together, the two seem infinite. It represents the ocean, the sea, tranquility and peace. Blue is also the color for those born in September. If you want to present a unique gift, our chalcedony necklace would be special. Our necklace was designed at Bathsheba's Jewels and is one of a kind. It will not be duplicated. Chalcedony is believed to improve balance and increase receptivity. The three pearls symbolize unity as well as purity. Our necklace is handcrafted, features genuine chalcedony gems, gold plated findings and genuine freshwater pearls. It measures 20-21" with the extender chain.