T Shirt Urban V Neck Skull for Men and Women
Anecdote: Skulls have been cool since the begining of mankind, I'm sure in the stone ages once a caveman died they took his skull and put it on their chains, you know, because they wore chains back then. Design: As I found myself doodling in Math, I decided to take one of those doodles and turn it into a t-shirt design. Thanks to my graphical knowledge and the mathematic equations of the universe, I was able to transform a doodle from a napkin into a tangile experience. Let the bad ass show with this awesome t-shirt design for the not-average-minded. Feautures: • 4.3 oz. Fabric 50% polyester: 25% cotton: 25% rayon • Baby rib set-on v-neck collar • Manufactured in U.S.A • Screen Printed with quality from Long Island, NY Sizing & Caring: Please view our sizing reference Looks Good with: Black jacket; pointy shoes; ripped faded jeans; bad ass attitude