Sound Mind Organic Bar Soap Natural Vegan Plant Based Moisturizing Bath and Body Fresh Citrus and Mint Scent
This organic soap bar contains the essential oil of litsea cubeba, also known as may chang. Its oil has a delightful sweet lemon-like scent used in aromatherapy to relieve anxiety, diminish fatigue, and is known to revitalize skin with its anti-inflammatory and gentle astringent properties. The refreshing aroma is accentuated with the essential oil of spearmint, an exhilarating scent known to improve mental focus, brighten the mood, and calm. Each bar also contains antioxidant-rich ground ginger powder. Used topically, ginger is known to have skin toning and rejuvenating benefits. Click the link below for more information on natural soap Average Bar Size: 3.60 oz INGREDIENTS Saponified Organic Oils Organic Extra virgin olive oil Organic Extra virgin coconut oil Organic Castor oil Alkaline water Organic litsea cubeba essential oil Organic spearmint essential oil Organic ground ginger powder How To Use For Body Lather the bar onto a washcloth or loofah to increase suds.