Chunky Double Strand Baltic Amber (Nugget, Polished) and Copper Adjustable Bracelet - 7 inches to 8 inches - Natural, Pain Relief, Earthy
A combination of natural chunky nugget and polished Baltic amber finished with copper for a wonderful double strand adjustable length bracelet. The bracelet pictured is the item that you will receive. It is adjustable from approximately 7 inches to 8 inches. The chunky Baltic Amber strand is slightly longer so the two strands can be wrapped around one another, though they do not have to be. The strands are strung on strong 49 strand steel wire coated with copper colored nylon. The bracelet is finished with copper findings, a handcrafted copper clasp and dangle. - Healing Properties: Baltic Amber - Baltic amber is approximately 44 million years old, from the Eocene epoch. The trees in the Baltic region produced enough tree resin to provide such an abundant source of this natural resource that artisan are able to use it for a multitude of creative endeavors. The uniqueness of Baltic amber is that it contains succinic acid, which is also why Baltic amber is referred to as succinite. It is believed that when Baltic amber is worn close to the skin, our body temperature heats the amber and releases succinic acid and it is that acid that helps relieve pain.* Copper ~ As with electricity copper is a great conductor of energy. Attracting and conducting energy allows copper to aid in healing pain, joint stiffness, and help with the circulatory system.* - *Healing properties - All healing properties mentioned are not a substitute for medical consultation, they are presented as spiritual information only. Information regarding healing properties is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure ailments. It is advised that if you believe that you have a medical condition to seek the aid of a trained medical professional.