Rootseeker - The Adventurer's Leather Pouch
This bag is the perfect size for keeping coin of the realm, keys to the dungeon or those vital potion ingredients handy. It measures 5" wide by 6" tall and features a back loop to accommodate a belt of two inches. Crafted of veg-tanned leather, this is dyed using environmentally-friendly dyes and finishes, with details carved into the leather. The button is coconut and the beads are wood and clay. The veg-tanned leather flap and chrome-free luxurious soft leather are hand sewn using the two-needle method known as "saddle stitching", which is a far more stable and secure method than the lock stitch, on which sewing machine operates. This ensures your leather pouch will remain strong for a very, very long time, perfect to pass on to the next generation of Cosplayers and Ren Faire fanatics.