Sleeping beauty stud earrings
Sterling silver turquoise stud earrings made to order. They are cute little pretty blue stones. These are natural Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Cabochons that come from the famous mines of Globe, Arizona. This turquoise is noted for its solid, light blue tone with little to no color variation. They are 4mm stones and approximately 5mm overall. These are priced lower than my original 5mm turquoise stone earrings that are a popular item in my shop and are smaller. These look great on babies and kids. It also looks good if you're looking for a small touch of turquoise. They look good if you are wearing them as a single pair or in multiple piercings. They have hypo-allergenic clear rubber backings. My jewelry is made for all. Not any certain gender. If you like it and it fits,then it's for you. I do all my jewelry in the old ways I was taught by my father and by his mother and father. I have no machines and fancy gizmos to do my jewelry.everything is done by hand. I also do custom orders so if you have any questions whatsoever,please message me and thanks for looking!..