Custom Mini Pet Portrait-- as seen on Dogspotting!
By popular demand, I will now be taking commissions to embroider your (yes! your!) furry/feathered/fluffy friends! These pieces are fairly popular amongst dog lovers and are stitched entirely without a pattern. I try to capture the essence of an animal as best I can, made with tiny, expressive stitches about an inch and a half square! Due to the sudden success of these, I am currently only sending these out as just fabric--not in a hoop or anything else. Send me a message if you want a pooch on your favorite shirt, etc! These little fabric squares can be turned into patches or put in a teensy frame, sewn into a quilt... The options are endless! Soon, though, you might just be able to WEAR your stitched pupper as a pendant around your neck! Stay tuned... In order for me to stitch your pooch, I'll need a full-body photo of them. Feel free to include little extras like balls or bones, shots where they are playing or running, snoozing or sneezing. I'll do anything! Make sure to leave a note when you have ordered so I can get the picture (or a general breed--you want a corgi? you got it). I'll stitch it up, send it off and there you go!