Fairy House Planter/Votive Candle Holder
I rolled out a flat sheet of clay polymer, then wrapped it squarely around the sanded surface of the glass. After allowing to cure for just the right amount of time (you want it just starting to shrink and harden against the surface), I then used some small ballpoint tools to carve out the grain of the “wood” and add “knots”. I then used slurry to attach the little details (rocks, flowers, vines, grasses, the door, etc.). After allowing it to cure for a day or two, I then used spray paint to cover the surface of both the interior (rose gold/copper) and exterior (bronze & copper) of the sculpture. Before calling it done, I added a layer of clear enamel coating to further protect it. Measures about 4″ around and stands about 4″ tall. Weighs under a pound.