Dragonfly Fairy House Planter/Votive Candle Holder
One weekend, about seven years ago, I was hiking the Rich Mountain trail that loops up on See Off Mountain Rd, not very far from Connestee Falls, NC. The sun was shining, it was still cool so probably about mid-March or April, and it was the perfect day to try out a new little trail. We weren’t but about ten minutes in, when something came flying right at my face, about the size of a golf ball. I quickly ducked to the side, only catching a small glimpse from the corner of my sight as it flitted off into the branches, disappearing among the rhododendron and mountain laurel foliage. I didn’t really dwell on it right then, and continued on my walk. You know that feeling when you mull something over and over in the back of your mind, til it gnaws a hole in the back of your head that you can’t ignore? As I was walking back to my car, all I could think about was how, what ever it was that I had encountered, made me think of a fairy. As an adult, I know we make up these stories to tell our children, to keep life magical. But to this day, it is still incredibly difficult for me to not picture the little body, the little dangling legs, and the flash of a face before it buzzed out of my peripherals. This all leads me to my fairy house collection. I wanted to create something that would represent that magic that I felt that day out in the woods. Here, I used old votive candle holders, low fire and air dry clay, and spray paint to create the perfect little habitat for the fairies in all of our lives. I like that these are truly water proof, and can be used for cut flowers as well as small plants like succulents or tillandsias, or for votive candles. Measures about 4″ across and stands about 4″ tall, weighing only 12.75 oz