Mushroom Shaped Covered Dish - Reversible & Versatile - Berry Pink - Tangerine Orange - Gold - Floating Candle Holder - Crystal Holder
One of the benefits of living somewhere that is technically classified as being a temperate rain forest is all of the mushroom bounty this area has to offer. Every time I take my feet to the trail, I can always find a plethora of multi-colored, funky shaped fungus growing on the side of logs, trees, and stumps. Their vibrancy amid the neutral colors always catches my eye and makes me appreciate the woods that much more. When I came across a set of floating candle holders, my imagination immediately went to inverting the topper to make a little mushroom. Every one I've painted has a unique and different theme, both in color and technique. This one in particular I used several layers of spray paint to create a dripping, glazed effect with vibrant berry orange and tangerine orange, then finished with a layer of rose gold. I then painted the interior of the topper with the rose gold. I then did some light spritzing on the exterior of the base to create a more subtle texture. I then finished the whole thing off with a clear enamel coating. With the two pieces together, it stands 4.25" tall and is about 4.5" across. The stand has one dish 3.25" across, the smaller side measuring 2.25" across. The topper itself is about 3" deep. The whole mushroom weighs about 4.7 oz. This piece is incredibly versatile - both base and topper can be inverted to create a different look. Would be useful to hold crystals, incense cones, wrapped candies, keys, or loose change. If you're looking for a home accent that pops and will bring bright happy vibes, this is that piece.