Handpainted Winter Treeline on Repurposed Glassware
Every winter, I am reminded of how, even when all the leaves have fallen from the tree limbs, these mountains in Western North Carolina are still so majestic. The hues of the hills when its cool, and the pops of twisting and reaching branches cutting through the scenery is so artfully perfect. I wanted to reflect the feeling of that with this glass. The creams, browns, and blues reflect the energy and vibrations that I feel when I'm deep on a trail in the Pisgah National Forest, and I take a moment to stop, breathe, take a drink of water, and enjoy the peaceful beauty around me. The little cream dots along the base are a symbol of the trail, the one that keeps bringing us all back around. I sprayed the inside and rim a rose gold, almost copper, to imitate the golden sun, shining through the canopy. Measures 2.5" across, stands 6" tall, with the glass itself is a 1/4" thick. Weighs 6.6 oz. I see this on someones desk holding pens, pencils, and a pair of scissors, or on the bathroom counter holding toothbrushes and bringing good vibes to what ever space it finds.