Science Print Limited Edition
Product Dimensions: 8 X 8 inches Special Care: Take care in handling it with bare hands as it can pick up oils, graphite and dirt easily from fingers, so wash and dry your hands before handling. The paper is much more stable than regular print paper or newsprint, but direct sunlight might not be good for the ink, but I’m not sure. Product Description: Printed on BFK acid free paper, relief created from carving linoleum and print made with Akua intaglio carbon black ink. I made this linocut in undergraduate studio course and printed a limited edition of 4. Recently I trimmed the 3 pieces of this edition I am willing to sell to fit the standard framing size of 8 X 8”. I kept Ed the relief block for future prints if people are interested. A note on what a Rotary Evaporator is for those interested: it is a instrument used in chemistry labs for removing solvents (liquids) from reaction mixtures and chemicals of interest! The machine reduces pressure to decrease the boiling point of these liquids for easier and quicker removal. Shipping Expectations: I will package these in a protective layer of plastic and and cardboard and envelope mailer! Should ship within 7-10 business days!