Danny the Duck
Size/Dimensions: - Diameter: 12 in (31 cm) - Height from head to webbed feet: 9 in (25 cm) Special care/washing instructions: -Put plush in towel, pillowcase, or other similar fabrics to protect the piece from felting or messed up -Set the machine to gentle wash, cold or hand wash if it has that setting -After this either let it airdry or if you put it in the dryer use the lowest settings. Product details: -This lil duckling is one of a kind. He is relatively small in stature (small but mighty). He is body is a banana yellow and his beak and webbed feet are a cheeto-esque orange with half an inch (1.25 cm) round black eyes. I love him and I hope you do too. If you love him and he is sold out, and you really really want another ducky like Danny, email me and I'll consider making this a made-to-order item!