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FREE SHIPPING, Gate, Tree Art Stone Wall Art Beach Art Print Surf Art Autumn, Fall autumn leaves Beach Painting Branch Surfer Autumn Woods Forest Custom Unique Beach Surf Surfing Surfboard Ocean Sea Watercolor Art Print by Nelson "The Gate" This is an Art Print from an original watercolor painting of a gate set within a stone wall, leading to a path down to the water. An old, leafless tree stands against a surreal sky of browns and greens. Whether you grew up by the water, have a love affair with all things oceanic, or simply can’t get enough of beach art, this art print will bring the easy, tropics lifestyle right into your home. Perfect for your bar, dining room, beachside lounge, or wherever makes you feel groovy. The art print you receive is the one pictured. Features: One Art Print featuring a gate and old tree, with a path beyond leading to the water Styled after the surreal dreams of the shore you have late at night Art Prints are 11" x 14" (borderless) Printed on High-Quality Paper for color durability and exceptional detail Frame and Mat not included Check out more of my work at: https://www.aftcra.com/artofnelson Copyright © Nelson Ruger & Nelson Makes Art! 2015. All imagery and style is reserved by me. Copying or asking another artist to copy my work is illegal.