Artisan & Modern Day

Handcrafted Rustic Furniture

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Chicago, IL
Owned By
Morgan Aycox
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ARTISAN & MODERN DAY BELIEVES THAT EVERY ITEM IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO REFLECT OUR OWN INDIVIDUALITY BY HANDCRAFTING PIECES WITH WHICH TELL THE STORIES OF OUR LIVES. I started building and creating furniture after a woodworking class I took in Chicago in 2012. It was not long before I fell head over heels for the uniqueness of each piece of wood – the feel and softness of well sanded wood or the roughness and stories behind a piece of wood straight from an alley or abandoned barn. Not only that, but there is the smell of it as it’s being shaped and sized by a coping saw or plane, and the sturdiness of hand-made joinery done by chisels and the tink-tink of a hammer. After the course I knew I wanted to continue on my own. I began to tinker. I set out to build my concoctions in the very quaint space my partner and I share right in the middle of our den and living room where so generously she has put up with my banging, sanding, flinging of shavings, sawdust coated floor and leaps of excitement as I finish a piece after many prototype failures (learning lessons). I fell in love with building and making. I welcome you to my adventure of learning the art of woodworking (with my industrial twist), leather working, and metalworking, and hoping to continue to discover the beauty in the materials.