Hello Dear Art Lover, Everything is very simple actually. You are protected by PayPal and aftcra already but the trust between me and you is another thing. I am willing to help out with anything i can do. There are some details below.

Payment Policy

PayPal is the only option for payment right now and it is a prety solid one too.

Shipping Policy

I provide FREE Express Shipping no matter what.

Refund & Exchange Policy

If you want to have a refund, you have to send back us the product you recieved no matter what is the condition of it in 14 days. We strongly suggest you to check the cargo package with the carrier company which will be FedEx most of the time. If anything is broken (a tiny possibility, we take our packaging serious) you need to fill a form with the FedEx at the moment you recieve the product so both of us can get a refund.

Contact Information

Well if you have any other questions please ask, you can contact us from here or with the email or

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