Dream Catcher, Small 5 inch dreamcatcher, Purple Feathered Wall Art, Home Decor, Native American style, Ornament, Dorm Decor
Dream Catcher in cheerful colors. A small 5 inch hoop dreamcatcher is the perfect size for lockers, dorm decor, or offices. Purple ribbon wraps around a multicolored web while colorful feathers dangle. This feathered wall art dreamcatcher is handmade and inspired by the native american style. -5" wide -Approximate 16" long -Faux feathers -Feathers are not weatherproof -Ready to Ship ~ Dreamcatcher legend says: The night is consumed by dreams both good and bad. When a dream catcher is hung above the place where you sleep it moves in the night air and catches the dreams as they drift by. The good dreams pass through the opening in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and destroyed. When given as a gift the recipient knows, the giver cares about their spiritual well being. ~ I use recycled packaging and encourage you to reuse the shipping materials. Returns may be accepted on the same day of receiving the package. All my products are satisfaction guaranteed and 100% handmade by me in the USA.