(SOLD) Anu ANAN Figured Walnut Custom Hollow Body Guitar
This is a one of a kind handmade custom hollow body from Anu Guitars This guitar was made from a 2.5" piece of figured mahogany 1/4" of figured walnut. The sides were rounded over and then the inside was made hollow and beveled before the top was joined. This guitar has enough stability to casually reduce feedback but easy enough to find a spot next to the amp for a easily controlled sustaining effect. Overall this guitar is well rounded enough to fit in as a hollow body or to get more of a classic electric sound. The more you play a resonant guitar like this the more you enjoy playing along with the voice of the guitar and i've noticed that some really fun rhythms and tones start coming to light. It really lets you hear the over/undertones and harmonics to play around with the attack and release of the notes a bit easier. This is one with a great tone and has lots of sustain and all the controll with the six way pickup selector and trebble/bass tone knob really gives this guitar a wide range voice for your playing Comes with gigbag and certificate of authentication. 25.25" scale lenght fretboard at the nut 42mm (1.653) String spacing at the nut 34mm (1.338) widtd at 22nd fret 55mm (2.165) Bridge string spacing 53mm (2.086") The neck is like a vintage fender (medium-wide) with a oval c carve. Figured Walnut Top Quilted Mahogany Body Mohogany neck Walnut venere headstock front and back Rosewood Fretboard Flame maple Fretboard Binding Custom wood Pickup rings Rosewood Hat knobs Matching Walnut Backplate Gold Hardware Fixed bridge Narrow field Humbuckers Approx. 8.2k neck 8.4k bridge Locking tuners Schaller strap locks 2.5 mm side dots 6 way freeway switch Neck SC Neck Neck+Bridge Neck SC Bridge SC Bridge Bridge SC Volume Trebel+bass tone blend control Things to know: With Anu Guitars you are receiving a one of a kind handmade instrument and a really wonderful opportunity to get alot of guitar for your money. .Many Luthiers easily charge $2500 sometimes just for a solid body flat top guitar since i've wanted my own one of a kind and after working for a large fancy mass produce factory ive wanted to do something different. This workshop is not limited to mass production tolerances and will be happy to accommodate. Each guitar is handmade and each one may have a slightly different thickness or profile. This allows for more customization with out charging those ridiculous fee. Pickups can be changed as long as you purchase them and allow time for the install.Color may be slightly different due to certain lighting as well as your screens color calibration. Guitars hand finished with polymerized are less likely to chip and crack as the finish is more flexible providing a glossy finish similar to polyurethane but without the risky repairs or dents leading to a finish falling apart. A wonderful feature of this finish is the extreme durability and its the easiest to refinish or touch up. just sand out the problem spots or just scuff, blend in some few fresh layers and wait for it to cure. The cure time is long for the entire guitar but for small spots its a breeze. For changing the strings for this hollobody you take the back plate off and insert the string through the top. I have made a countersink bridge plate to make this easier on the fly. In general Anu Guitars is not a large production line. I make guitars one at a time and like to make each one unique as possible. Working with each one to assure the overall appearance is balanced even if that means changing the profile, carve, or color in specific locations. I can assure you Anu Guitars are wonderful sounding instruments and this guitar is no exception. This guitar will be one of the most rare guitars to come from Anu Guitars and will have a one of a kind Certificate of Authenticity serial number in its own series. If you have any specific questions or concerns about this guitar just ask and Ill be happy to accommodate4104900350 About differnet types of finish Water based Lacquers, Polymerized Oil finishes, Nitro, and even polyurethane all have pros and cons. Over time all will sink into the grain and softer parts of highly figured wood. Its more common to see this occurring sooner with slower curing finishes such as Polymerized oil and water based lacquers . Water based lacquer is easy to apply and decent to repair but is often soft and wears away faster than expected. Nitro is classic but can wear away, yellow and eventually shrink (into open grained wood, glue lines and wood grain/figure and wood defects) and craze/chip away. Poly is often super thick and in some cases with acoustic guitars is to thick and dampens that natural tone that would otherwise sing. Poly also is hard to repair and will eventually bridle (less flexible with temperature changes) and become susceptible to cracking and chipping away also once it is dented the dents scratches really stand out and is noticeable when fixed but often will have to be refinished. 100% oil usually just protects from moisture and sometimes over time a tung oil finish can build up to a super hard shell but most often its super thin and breathable, but offers the easiest user freindly remedies. If scratched an oil finishd guitar can be lightly sanded (dents come out with steam) then apply another layer of oil. Also to freshen up an older guitar a new coat of oil will give you a fresh semi gloss to gloss look. Polymerized oil finishes like tung oil, linseed oil, teakoil, etc will allow the most natural tone it will sometimes settle into the soft areas of the figured wood over time due to the slow cure time but once cured tung oil by far one of the hardest and most easy to reapair. About the same strength as Poly but more flexible causing less cracking and chipping( small dings will not mean a finish falling of like poly). Although all finishes slightly sink into some softer areas, bark spots, and filled gaps in the burls, hand finished polymerized oil will show signs of this earlier. To repair a polymerized tung oil you just scuff/sand and level the previous layer and re coat as many more thin layers desired allowing you to keep a thin finish or thicker more protective finish either way its a very "Original finish friendly". At any time you can blend a fresh layer on without sanding down to the wood. Some finishes are more protective, thick and glossy, but suseptible to more harsh repairs or can be natural and tuff but thin. All together though try not to knock your guitar into or drop them Thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy Anu Guitars^~