Maple Burl ANAN in Tropical Storm  (Sold)
Handmade custom hollowbody made by Anu Guitars. Model: ANAN Color: Tropical Storm This guitar was made from a 2.5" piece of Korina wood 1/2" of maple burl. The sides were rounded over and then the inside was made hollow and beveled before the top was joined. This guitar has enough stability to casually reduce feedback but easy enough to find a spot next to the amp for a easily controlled sustaining effect. Overall this guitar is well rounded enough to fit in as a hollow body or get more of a classic electric sound. The style guitar is nice to play at night when the amps are just always to loud. The more you play a resonant guitar like this the more you enjoy playing along with the voice of the guitar and i've noticed that some really fun rhythms and tonesstart coming to light. It really lets you hear the over/undertones and play with the attack and release of the notes. This is one with a great tone and lots of sustain and all the controll with the six way pickup selector and trebble/bass tone knob really gives this guitar a wide range voice for your playing Comes with gig bag and certificate of authenticity 25.25" scale length Fretboard width at the nut 42mm (1.653) String spacing at the nut 35mm (1.377) Width at 22nd fret 55mm (2.165) Bridge sstring spacing 53mm (2.086) The neck is like a vintage fender (medium-wide) with a oval c carve. Maple Burl Top White Limba back White limba neck Rosewood Fretboard Flame maple binding Matching Burl covers Maple Burl Venere Rosewood Hat knobs Glossy Polymerized Tung oil Finish Gold Hardware Fixed Bridge Locking tuners 2.5mm side dots Jumbo stainless steel frets Recessed electro socket jack Strap Locks 3 Hot single coil size humbuckers 5way blade pickup selector Neck Neck+Middle Middle Middle+Bridge Bridge Neck+Bridge Volume Neck tone (High pass) Middle+Bridge Tone (Bass/Treble) Original Coat Friendly Waterlox Gloss Finish Wont crack or chip of once dented super simple to touch up or refinish (no need to strip) flexible in whether