Anu AZA Campfire Smoke Burst   (Sold) Order one like this
Beautiful new model guitar highly customized private stock guitar without the absurd over 5k price Lighter, more comfy, and more durable guitar without the thin sharp edges. BALTU Thinline in Smoke Burst... Choose your pickups, pickup selector, hardware finish, and electronics Comfy Flat carve Mini Humbucker approx 8.2k neck 8.5k bridge Locking tuners Fixed bridge Jumbo frets 2.5mm side dots Matching wood backplate easy access Magnet Latching Backplate (for active battery) second knob options active 6way tone selector passive 6 way tone Stacked pot active bass trebble eq Stacked pot tone+passive fuzz push pull pot tone knob+ fuzz switch active distortion distortion passive treble bass (tbx control) 6 way pickup selector neck sc+bridge sc neck bridge neck sc bridge sc neck bridge or neck neck sc neck+bridge neck sc+bridge bridge brigde sc+neck Chrome or Gold Hardware