Rustic Zen Fire Stick Earrings Recycled 24k on Oxidized Recycled Sterling Silver
These rustic oxidized or blackened fire stick earrings are made of recycled 24k on recycled sterling silver. They are 1 inch in length and 1mm x 1mm. These are not climber earrings. I use a variation of the ancient keum boo gilding method to bond 24k gold to sterling silver. It yields a more rustic look than traditional keum boo, with feathered edges and variegate thickness. There is no waste at all in the creation of these earrings. I use every tiny scrap. Once gilded with a nice thick layer of 24k gold the sterling silver is then oxidized to create a truly dramatic and striking design. Many people don’t understand when purchasing an oxidized peice that the oxidation will fade over time. The finish is made by a chemical reaction with the metal. How long it takes to fade depends on how much wear and how you care for it. This is not a defect, it’s a feature of the rustic beauty and part of the design’s charm. It is a zen design of impermanence. It will not hurt the piece and it can always be oxidized again if you like. Or you have the option to request is sealed with a lacquer so it won't fade. Lacquer is applied to only the visible parts and will not touch your skin. If you want these earrings can be sealed with shellac to preserve the finish so it will not fade or change.