Men's Classic Copper Cuff Bracelet - Simple Men's Jewelry - Sturdy Copper Bracelet
This beautiful classic cuff has a simple dome shape and is 4.1mm wide x 2.05mm thick. Copper will patina and naturally take on various hues. It can be polished with any non abrasive polish for cleaning tarnish. Or you can just let it natural develop beautiful over time. I do this and occasionally I clean mine and let the process start all over again. You can also request it be polished with beeswax to slow down the oxidation and keep it shiny longer. Please note that sizes listed are average sizes. I encourage you to order a custom fit, the price is the same. Just let me know your measurements in the checkout note. Men's Cuff Bracelet Sizes Small = 61/2 inches (Actual Wrist Measurements 71/2 inches) Average = 7 inches (Actual Wrist Measurements 8 inches) Large = 71/2 inches (Actual Wrist Measurements 81/2 inches) Ordering a Custom Fit Size Not sure what your size is? Measure around your wrist with a string or cord, then deduct one inch for the cuff opening so it will slide on comfortably but not fall off. Don't round up or down to make it a whole inch size. If it measures 3/4, 1/2 etc. make sure the measurement is exact.