Solid Recycled Sterling Silver, Black Oxidized Graved Skinny Cuff Stacking Braclelet
This solid recycled sterling silver is hand black oxidized graved and made to order. Please allow time for fabrication. It has a simple square shape and is 2mm wide x 2mm thick. This cuff comes polished with wax to help preserve the finish longer. Polishing with a silver anti-tarnish cloth or cleaning this cuff with soap and water will remove the finish. These cuffs are perfect for stacking. I sell some nice ones in different styles that look great paired with it. If you need another size, just ask. The price is the same. Cuff Bracelet Sizes Small (petite)= 5 3/4 inches or less (equals a bracelet length of 6 3/4 or less) Average = 6 inches (equals a bracelet length of 7) Large = 7 inches or more (equals a bracelet length of 8 inches) Not sure what your size is? Measure around your wrist with a string or cord, then deduct one inch for the cuff opening so it will slide on comfortably but not fall off. Please note all oxidized metal is not a metal finish and therefor it is not a permanent finish. Oxidation will fade over time. How long it takes to fade depends on how much wear and how you care for it. For example, washing your hands with your ring on will make the finish fade faster. This is not a defect, it's a feature of the rustic beauty and part of the design’s charm. It will not hurt the ring and it can always simply be oxidized again if you like. If you would like your jewelry darkened again. It is an easy, 100% non-toxic, process you can even do at home with a boiled egg and a ziplock bag. Step by step instructions are on my blog.