Halloween Soap
Made with organic glycerin soap! 2.2" x 3.2" Non-scented. Remember the prizes you used to get in the cereal box? Maybe that's still a thing...I'm honestly not sure! My prize soap is a version of that. Instead of getting rewarded for eating sugary cereal though, you get a prize for washing your hands or body! Even though it's just a little spider ring, it's still fun and exciting for kids (and adults...like me) ;) Perfect for kids who need a little more motivation to wash their hands. If it doesn't get used, it's still a super cute Halloween decoration to put out. Mainly organic glycerin with a small conditioning layer of natural cocoa butter soap. Comes packaged in a cute, little gold box. Each order contains a sample of my NEW upcoming soaps! FREE SHIPPING! (I haaaate paying shipping when it's already an insanely expensive world to live in, so, shipping is on me...you're welcome!)