Handstamped "This Girl" pendant with 18" Sterling Silver Chain
INCLUDES: 1.25" 14 gauge 1100 Food grade aluminum washer stamped with "There's this girl. She kinda stole my heart. She calls me Mom" 18" Sterling Silver chain included (see chain photo - main photo is NOT the chain included) CUSTOMIZATION •State if you would like to change "Mom" to another name like Dad, or Mommy or Nana ... please keep at 5 letters or less. Please read the following to learn more about this product and how it is made: I hand stamp every item letter by letter. I work very hard to ensure that your piece will look beautiful and as perfect as I can achieve. Due to the fact that this is a handmade item, there will be variations and no two will ever look identical. The reverse side of each pendant will have a slight brushed finish, but may have the appearance of a little dimpling as we just hit the other side with a hammer several times. This is not a bad thing, it's the evidence that your item was made by the hand of jewelry artist and not a machine. Please know that the pendants are made of 14 gauge 1100 food grade aluminum - it is hypoallergenic and will not tarnish or corrode. Aluminum is very lightweight. That is a common property of aluminum regardless of the thickness/gauge. The lighter weight makes this a desirable piece as it is very comfortable to wear. If you are seeking a heavier metal, this is probably not your best choice.