Custom dog wood burning, line drawing only no shading
LINE DRAWING AND NAME ONLY Basically, no shading, if the dog has black areas I'll burn those, but other than that it'll just be wood burned lines. This is quicker than just shading so you're able to get a picture of your beloved pet a lower price. If you want a more realistic picture of your dog then you'd want to buy the shaded option (see shop gallery) Such a sweet way to show your love for your pet or to remember them by. Wood burned on a plank roughly 8 x 11 inches (bigger sizes are available) as the nature of the bark does change slightly from plank to plank. Hanging hardware on back. I only have dogs as examples now, as that is what people have been ordering but I can do cats, horses, or any other pet you might want wood burned. ***PLEASE NOTE: The medium pieces are usually a little less square than the small and large pieces. Custom orders take about 3-4 days to make depending on the amount of other orders. Additionally, as you'll send me the picture of your dog and we'll discuss it, and font options a speedy reply will help with getting your beloved furbaby's art quicker. *Watermark is only in the photo" SHOP: INSTAGRAM: @Altered_Oak FACEBOOK: ABOUT THIS PIECE: Pyrography (Woodburning) is a slow process; it's unforgiving; and at times it hurts (and smells horrible-like when I accidentally burn my hair). It takes me longer to wood burn a piece than it does to do an oil painting, but the finished product is something that looks timeless, rustic, and full of character.