Custom Pet wood burning - art
Such a sweet way to show your love for your pet or to remember them by. Wood burned on a plank roughly 8 x 11 inches (bigger sizes are available) as the nature of the bark does change slightly from plank to plank. Hanging hardware on back. ***PLEASE NOTE: The medium pieces are usually a little less square than the small and large pieces. Custom orders take about 3-4 days to make depending on the amount of other orders. Additionally, as you'll send me the picture of your dog and we'll discuss it, and font options a speedy reply will help with getting your beloved furbaby's art quicker. *Watermark is only in the photo" SHOP: INSTAGRAM: @Altered_Oak FACEBOOK: ABOUT THIS PIECE: Pyrography (Woodburning) is a slow process; it's unforgiving; and at times it hurts (and smells horrible-like when I accidentally burn my hair). It takes me longer to wood burn a piece than it does to do an oil painting, but the finished product is something that looks timeless, rustic, and full of character.