J. K. Rowling Fantasy Novel Inspired Female Style Desktop Business Card Holder
Our awesome Wooden Desktop Business Card Holder, inspired by a character from the J. K. Rowling Fantasy Novels, is an essential desktop accessory for Optometrists, Opticians, Business Professionals, J. K. Rowling Fantasy Novel fans, or anyone looking a unique way to display their business cards. Why have a dull and boring 'off the shelf' / 'cookie cutter' / office supply store business card holder on your desk, when you can have our awesome hand-crafted piece of art instead? Each business card holder is individually hand-crafted upon order receipt - with care, pride, & patriotism - from quality wood, materials & products manufactured / produced in the USA. It will hold hold up to 75 standard size business cards. The base is hand finished with Golden Oak Stain and has approximate dimensions of 3.90" long x 1.80" tall x .25" thick. The Glasses are .125" thick and hand-finished with Satin Acrylic Pink Rose paint and decoupage paper. This simple but unique and eye catching Business Card Holder makes a great Office Warming Gift, Boss’s Gift, Co-Worker Gift, Mother’s Day Gift, Birthday Gift, Graduation Gift, a gift for that 'Someone Special' in your life, or a gift for yourself.