Crocheted Christmas Sweater for Cat or Small Dog - Red/Green Turtleneck Ruffled Skirt Pet Wear
Maddie is enthralled with her new Christmas sweater/dress! Crocheted using festive green and red acrylic yarn, this adorable pet sweater is perfect for keeping warm during the holidays - and showing off just how fashionable and trendy a fur baby can be! Ribbing is crocheted for a comfy stretchy turtle neck, and the flouncy tutu-like skirting around the bottom is roomy and cute. Pet fits easily into the sweater which is pulled over the head, with opening underneath for front legs to move freely during wear. Made only for small sized pets up to 15 pounds. Please include the following measurements when ordering for a better fit: 1. Measure your pet from base of back of head down the spine to the base of tail. 2. Measure the circumference of the middle of the body of your pet at its biggest point (around the tummy back around to the spine). 3. Measure the circumference of your pet's neck around the collar area.